Руководитель Водного конкурса Н.Г.Давыдова примет участие в качестве приглашенного эксперта в молодежном форуме "Вхождение в воду" в рамках Мировой недели воды в Швеции 1-7 сентября

    Since you are part of the ”Getting into the Water” Youth Panel, taking place September 4, 16:00 – 17:00, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking part in this sessions as well as give you some additional information.
    Please see below, the programme and aim of the session.
    16:00                  Welcome by moderator
    Ms. Olimar Maisonet-Guzmán
    16:05                  Short presentation of organisation
    Mr. Stefan Qvist, Xylem Water Solutions AB, Sweden
    16:10                  Short presentation of organisation
    Dr. Eileen O'Neill, WEF (tbc)
    16:15                  Short presentation of organisation
    Dr. Natalia Davydova, Environmental Projects Consulting Institute, Russia
    16:20                  Short presentation of organisation
    Mr. Jos van Dalfsen, Wetsus, Centre of excellence for sustainable water technology
    16:25                  Short presentation of organisation 
    Ms. Banduni Premaratne, SJWP Sri Lanka
    16:30                  Open floor discussion and Q&A
    16:55                  Closing and wrap up by moderator
    Ms. Olimar Maisonet-Guzmán
    The moderator will open the session, present the aim and tell the audience that they can send in their questions or ask the panel directly. After the opening of the session there will be short presentation from each of the panellists. After the presentations of the panellists the floor will be opened up for questions from the audience.
    We would like to encourage the panellists to stay a while after the session to answer any questions the participants might have and to have the opportunity to talk face to face with the youngsters.
    The WWW twitter feed with the youth hashtag #generationWASH will be used for sending in questions during the session. We have also asked all the young participants that are registered for the event to send in questions by mail or twitter beforehand.
    The panellists are asked to prepare a short introduction (5 minutes maximum) of their organisations, what work their organisations do towards or engaging/involving youth, and what background the panellist themselves have.
    Questions being asked could involve defining what knowledge their organisation or company are looking for now and what competence that will be sought out in the future. Discussions and tips about what the best way to get into the water that world would be helpful to the young audience.
    As of now, it seems that we have around 200 registered young professionals, which is quite exciting!